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How to Avoid Poker Burn Out

How to Avoid Poker Burn Out

Poker Burn Out

It happens to most poker players at some time or another. Like anything, if you do something too much, you can get sick of it. Poker burn out is where you have played too much and are essentially exhausted.

You hear stories all the time from players that play days on end. It can happen playing at the casino everyday and it can happen playing lots of tables online everyday. Poker burn out is a real thing that players suffer from.

Burn out makes you do silly things like paly above your means, pull stupid bluffs or make stubborn calls. It affects your confidence, conviction, mental health and your bankroll. This article will provide a few useful tips to help you avoid poker burn out.

Have Plenty of Days Off

You need time off and plenty of rest to play good poker. You can’t just play constantly and think you’ll crush the opposition. Poker may not be as exhaustive as sports but the same principles apply. They don’t make footballers or rugby players play matches everyday do they? Sportsmen need time to relax and rejuvenate. It is also productive to use time away to assess previous performances. You can do similar with poker. You can have a few days off and maybe use one of those days to think about what you did well and what you didn’t. Then, when you return to the game, you will be better prepared.

Only Play When Focused

This may be easier said than done for many of you. Trust me, most players burn out far easier when they are less focused. They sit at the table with their mind elsewhere. A long session of poker just tires them more and they burn out quicker. Poker is not going anywhere so it’s best to stay away from the table if your mind is not on the game. Otherwise, you will find yourself making lots of mistakes and depleting your bankroll.

Exercise Often

When your body is healthy, your mind usually is. The two go hand in hand. I am not hear to judge your personal routines, diets and how often you exercise. But, it’s well established that being fit and healthy will improve your overall mental faculties too. In other words, your poker performance is likely to be sharper and well-conditioned if you are exercising regularly. By being decent stamina and endurance, you are less like to suffer from poker burn out.

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