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Online Bingo vs Online Poker: What’s Right for You?

Online Bingo vs Online Poker: What’s Right for You?

There are countless forms of gambling online these days, but two of the most popular are online bingo and online poker, specifically Texas Hold’em. Whilst both are enjoyable and rewarding in their own right, personality traits will determine which are you are more suited to. In this article, we’re going to contrast these two fun gambling games so you can choose which one you should be playing more regularly. By close of this post, you will know what person you are, a bingo player, poker players or maybe even a mix?

Adrenaline or Composure?

When gambling online, players are looking for different things. We all want to win, but there may be a sensory aspect we are yearning for too. This can come in the form of adrenaline. This sudden rush is a sweeping feeling that enhances the gambling experience. If this sounds like you, online bingo is a great option for you. Bingo rewards those who make lines or full houses and the patiently waiting and hoping your number comes is exhilarating. This rush of adrenaline when making a full house and winning money is extremely satisfying.

In contrast, if you prefer to stay composed and grounded, poker is better for you. Poker is a battle of wits not the first to get pumped up. Texas Hold’em rewards those who make profitable long-term decisions and is similar to chess in its strategy and planning. So, if you have no interested in excitement but like mental challenges, poker is an ideal game for you.

Jackpots or Regular Wins?

There are two types of winning players, those who strike the lucky jackpots and those who win consistently. Which are you? Do you love the massive prize, the big pay off? Or, do you prefer a steady stream of victories? If you love the former, bingo is a perfect game for you to try. Bingo has loads of players in any game and therefore, just a few win each game. However, the prizes are far more than the original buy-in., Finding how much is online bingo going to cost is dependent on the site you try. Generally, there should be something for everyone, small budget to large.

If jackpots don’t interest you but regular wins do, poker is a sensible option. Cash games online are played hand to hand between 6 or 9 people. As there are fewer opponents, winning a pot is less hard work. You can win in different ways; betting and getting everyone to fold or showing down the best hand by the river. The amount you win will have a wide range too. As such, both forms of gambling have wildly different reward systems.

Luck or Skill?

Choosing which game to play can boil down to how mentally taxing a game you want to play is. Essentially, it’s a toss up whether you want to play a game of luck or skill. There are pros and cons to both but depending on which you want, the answer is different. Online bingo is completely luck based. You have no control over the numbers that are called out and who wins. This suits those who want an easy fun game to play without investing mental energy in advanced strategy.

On the other hand, Texas Hold’em is a complex strategy-based poker game that can take years to master. Texas Hold’em rules may be simple to understand, but to be a great will take lots of time, study and hard work. Whilst poker has a luck element that can’t be ignored in the short term, it is universally accepted to be fundamentally skills based in the long run. This is due to the fact there are so many variables at play; hand strength, playing styles, position, odds, opponent type, stack sizes and table image to name a few.


As you can see there are powerful reasons to try both forms of gambling. Ultimately, it comes down to which game suits you more? Are you looking for adrenaline rushes, jackpot wins and an easy game? Online bingo is for you! If you prefer regular, smaller wins, staying composed and a complex game, try Texas Hold’em and be sure to check back on our blog for more tips.

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