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4 Common Problems for Tournament Players

4 Common Problems for Tournament Players

Tournament poker is a minefield to navigate with countless options available. Open any tournament lobby online and you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands, of poker players trying to earn lots from tourneys. Some have moved from other games, others are suffering burn out and a bunch are adopting the wrong strategy entirely.

In this article, I’m going to highlight the four most common reasons why tournament players don’t generate high ROI. By the end of this article, you will know what pitfalls to avoid so you are a better prepared for MTTs in the future.

Too focused on cashing

Many tournament players are fixated on cashing. They hate the thought of playing a few hours and getting nothing back. They are so dedicated to maintaining a respectable ITM rate that they are missing opportunities. Tournaments are the chance to play with very weak players and build a good shot at a final table or better.

By adopting a mindset of survival, you are harming your long-term ROI. Having a good cash rate is important but not as important as your overall earnings. What’s better; cashing 3 tournaments in a row for the minimum or getting a top 3? Naturally, they aren’t mutually exclusive but you see my point?

Playing too many tables

Another problem among tournament players is the need to fire up loads of tournaments. Whilst tournaments can be played on autopilot in the early stages, I don’t’ recommend it! With blinds increasing and being moved around, you should be attentive to the environment and ready to exploit weaknesses. This is made harder when you add more tables.

Deciding how many tables to play is not an exact science but you should have a good idea on how many is right for you. Resist the urge to fire up loads’ just for the sake of it and your bankroll will thank you for it.

No game selection

Ask the best cash game players and they’ll agree unanimously, game selection is vital to maintaining a high win rate. This level of thinking is sometimes missed on tournament players. With online poker sites offering new and creative formats, it can be easy to register for any tournament willynilly. This can be a costly mistake. Any change in the tournament format is likely to require a change in strategy too.

Stick to the tournaments you know well to avoid harming your bankroll with fad mtts.

Only playing on big sites

Tournaments are played on every poker site online. We don’t have to stick to PokerStars or 888. There are smaller sites that are full of fishes and recreational players. The main reason why regs stick to the big sites if for the guaranteed prize pools and top prizes. There is a logic to it but it’s a bit short sighted.

The smaller sites have tournaments that end sooner and full of players who barely know the rules. This means there is a huge advantage to you if you have a solid grasp of tournament strategy. Sites like Coral are primarily for sports bettors who give poker a try. Why not give them a chance and see what I mean?

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